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The PDC can facilitate meetings for your organization. Simply put, a facilitated meeting means your meeting is run by someone else - a facilitator who is unbiased and moves the meeting along.

All too often, meetings get mired in conflicts, power games, hidden agendas, personality differences, or lack of direction. A trained facilitator from the PDC can provide the traction to get out of the mire. The result is a goal-oriented, productive meeting with a clear focus and outcome.

Facilitated meetings are effective for several activities: arriving at a decision, defining a vision and mission, setting goals or clarifying issues, solving problems, and resolving conflicts. The facilitator has no stake in the outcome; his or her job is to guide participants through the process.

A facilitator from the PDC can help you achieve several benefits:

  • helping the meeting go faster and getting concrete results
  • ensuring all have a chance to speak
  • allowing no one to dominate the meeting
  • preventing personal attacks
  • keeping visible minutes and an on-going record

The PDC will work closely with you to plan, conduct, and summarize a facilitated meeting. If you wish, the facilitator will also prepare a report on the results.