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Other Services

At the Professional Development Center ("PDC"), we take pride in our training courses. But we offer more. Here are some of the other services we can do for your organization. And the cost is a reasonable hourly fee. We hope you will contact us when you see a need in any of these areas (e-mail or call (406) 444-3871).

Meetings Facilitation

The PDC can facilitate meetings for your organization. Simply put, a facilitated meeting means your meeting is run by someone else - a facilitator who is unbiased and moves the meeting along.

All too often, meetings get mired down in conflicts, power games, hidden agendas, personality differences, or lack of direction. A trained facilitator from the PDC can provide the traction to get out of the mire. The result is a goal-oriented, productive meeting with a clear focus and outcome.

Facilitated meetings are effective for several activities: arriving at a decision, defining a vision and mission, setting goals or clarifying issues, solving problems, and resolving conflicts. The facilitator has no stake in the outcome; his or her job is to guide participants through the process.

A facilitator from the PDC can help you achieve several benefits:

  • helping the meeting go faster and getting concrete results
  • ensuring all have a chance to speak
  • allowing no one to dominate the meeting
  • preventing personal attacks
  • keeping visible minutes and an on-going record

The PDC will work closely with you to plan, conduct, and summarize a facilitated meeting. If you wish, the facilitator will also prepare a report on the results.


The PDC offers individual or group consulting in a number of areas. We can help identify and address management issues, including the progressive areas of team-building and quality management.

We can work with managers on personnel issues, including communication, appraisal, discipline, planning, and time management. To a limited extent, we can work with you on the structure of your organization.

The PDC offers consulting services in other areas, as well. We can help individuals or groups improve their communication, both orally and in writing. And we can give technical assistance in editing, design, and lay-out of reports, brochures, and information packets.

Conference Coordination

Administering our program has given us valuable experience in the "nuts and bolts" of coordinating public events. We can put that experience to work for you and coordinate your conference or convention.

Our service can include the following - and more:

  • designing, printing, and mailing brochures
  • accepting and tracking registration and fees
  • making arrangements with facilities
  • printing and assembling materials
  • printing name tags and badges
  • being on-site for registration, coordination, and trouble-shooting
  • paying expenses from registration funds
  • billing and collecting registration fees

In addition, we will account for all collections and expenses, and keep you informed. We know from experience that putting on a conference is a big job. And we have the experience to help you in a big way.

And, of course, Our Training...

The Professional Development Center can provide specialized training for your organization. We can present most of the courses in our catalog on demand. If your organization has a need for any course offered and a group of people available to take it, contact us. We will tailor the program for your "in-house" needs and help you stretch your training budget.

The PDC will also design courses on topics specified by your agency. We will research the subject, consult with agency managers, and deliver the course.

In addition, if you need a specific course or instructor, the PDC can handle the administrative details for you, including contracts, facilities, flyers, printing, and press releases. This service greatly simplifies the process for your organization and can save valuable time.

Contract Training (in the process of updating)

Needs Assessment

Even with your strong commitment to training, it's sometimes hard to know how to best invest your training dollar. The Professional Development Center can help you assess the training needs in your agency or organization - or any part of it. Working with your specialists and managers, we will conduct three stages of assessment: (1) describing perceived problems and needs, (2) gathering data economically and without disruption, and (3) analyzing data and recommending action.


The PDC can help mediate issues in the workplace on either a case-by-case or an ongoing basis. Although each mediation varies, depending on circumstances, the service typically follows this process:

Phase I - Entry: The goal here is to gain initial understanding of issues and commitment to mediation. The mediator meets with the principal parties to establish credibility, describe mediation, and clarify expectations. Phase II interviews are scheduled at this time.

Phase II - Diagnosis and Assessment: The goal of this phase is to get both an in-depth understanding of the issues and a plan for mediation. The mediator conducts confidential interviews with the people involved. After collecting information, the mediator analyzes the data and decides how to proceed.

Phase III - Negotiation and Agreement: The goal of this phase is first to get parties moving toward an agreement for mutual benefit and then reaching agreement with a plan of action that addresses the key issues of the conflict. This takes place in mediated sessions with the parties in the dispute; the mediator calls individual caucuses as needed.

Phase IV - Follow-up: In this phase, the mediator conducts a session three to six months after Phase III. The parties describe improvements and problems, and the mediator checks how well the parties have stuck by their plans. This is a time for fine-tuning or revising plans.