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 Code of Ethics   This half-hour presentation covers the Code of Ethics in state law. It includes situations for you to consider how the law applies.  There's no cost to participate.
This training satisfies the requirements of the State Ethics Policy for all state employees. You don't need to register for the training, and you can participate at any time.  To listen to the content of the presentation, you may need external speakers or a headset; otherwise you will only be able to read the closed captioning.
There is no cost for this program. Click here to start the program. Using Internet Explorer is Recommended.
 Preventing Harassment  

Harassment takes many forms, both blatant and subtle. A person’s sex, race, national origin, race, religion, or political views may be the
target of harassment. 

It is important that all employees understand what harassment is and how to prevent it.

To register for this program, complete the PDC registration form. You'll get an email with log-in information, including a link and password. 

The cost is free.
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 New Employee Safety Training

There is no cost for this program. Click here to start the programUsing Internet Explorer is Recommended.